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I CANNOT recommend this tour enough. I am currently trying to see if I have enough time to do it again during my current trip! Stephanie and Polene were amazing guides. I have been riding only a few times in my life and they made me feel automatically comfortable and there were zero issues with the ride and the horse. I will forever remember this experience and of course my incredible horse Azar 🥰

Holli, Charleston, Caroline du SudAvril 2022 - Airbnb

I travel to Paris annually and was looking for something out of the ordinary this year. I found it! Maisson Lafitte is a beautiful area not far from central Paris. The barn is well-maintained with beautiful animals. I appreciated having a choice of riding levels from which to choose so I could have the optimum experience. This experience included taking care of your horse before and after the ride. Mortero was a great mount. Stephanie was fun to ride with and we chatted and got to know each other during our ride. If in doubt, book this ride to enjoy the beautiful park and forest.

Sarah, Norfolk, VirginieAvril 2022 - Airbnb

After an incredible morning with our charming host Stephanie and those beautiful horses, we decided to repeat it the following week. We were not disappointed! The level of hands-on care of the horses really made it special for us. Stephanie is a good teacher and encouraged us without pushing us beyond our comfort zones. We found the stables and countryside enchanting and the history Stephanie shared added so much. We would encourage anyone looking for a unique adventure away from the typical tourist sites to try it!

IreneAvril 2022 - Airbnb

Absolutely recommend this experience! Traveling to Maison Laffite was a breeze and the instructions given to find the stable were very clear. My boyfriend and I arrived and met Stephanie (our guide) who introduced us to the rest of the crew and showed us around the stable. I also wanted to practice my French so she was very accommodating in speaking a mix of English/French (even when it took me a second to comprehend). It was my boyfriends first time horseback riding and there was adequate time for him to get comfortable before we left the stable for the tour of the town — which was so beautiful. Stephanie provided fun and interesting tidbits along the ride a took pictures of us 🙂 We thoroughly enjoyed the tour and ended the experience having some light refreshments and sharing stories before heading back to Paris. Book this experience!

Carson, New York, New YorkAvril 2022 - Airbnb

This place is like venturing upon a small utopia for horses. We had such a wonderful afternoon preparing the horses and riding them. Great family time. Our hosts were very seasoned. Anna anticipated and explained any issues we might come across and gave very clear direction. Stephanie was gentle with my girls and took great care to empower them with the same tasks she asked adults of adults. The horse path is milled twice a day to make it more comfortable for the horses. It really is nice coming upon a horse farm where the horses are beautifully groomed, have round full bellies and full of personality

Jean, San Marino, CalifornieAvril 2022, Airbnb
Great experience, even though unfortunately for me, the persistent rain on the day meant that the adverse weather shortened the normal time available, I loved it!
Andrew, Great Ponton, Royaume-UniAvril 2022, Airbnb