Avis clients

One of the best experience to do near Paris, Anna and her team really makes you comfortable and teaches the basic involved in riding horse. I would love to do it again.
Anup, Île-de-France, FranceJune 2022 - Airbnb
I had a lovely time with Anna and the other riders! I usually ride western, so Anna was very helpful in showing me how to tack and ride English. The ride was long and beautiful and everyone was very kind.
Kelley, Orlando, FLJune 2022 - Airbnb
Very fun experience and was one of the highlights of my trip to Paris! It was a very therapeutic experience with the horses and the instructors were very professional and friendly.
Clint, Denver, COMay 2022 - Airbnb

This was an awesome experience. My wife and I have had essentially no experience riding horses and this was a great environment to feel like you were a pro! It was great to be able to spend time with your horse and take care of them and the riding was fun too. The area is literally built for horseback riding. Definitely recommend this experience!

Brett, Basalt, COMay 2022 - Airbnb

Stephanie was so sweet and helpful. My husband and I had such a magical experience riding the horses. We got to brush them before hand and go through all the steps, it was very well structured and easy to understand. Unfortunately horses can be unpredictable and mine got scared and ran off into the road at some point which was scary but I was able to get her to stop and the rest of the ride was good! I would recommend getting the horse insurance just in case! We will definitely go again

Aro, New York, NYMay 2022, Airbnb
First things first, the area is breathtaking. This was my first time ever on a horse, let alone riding one (I had Star), and Anna and her son made the experience seamless and memorable. Would highly recommend!
Stacy-Ann, New York, NYMay 2022, Airbnb