The days are getting longer, the sun is becoming more present, it’s the perfect time to come for a ride at Maisons Laffitte, in the nature, in the heart of the park for the more novice and in the forest of St Germain for the riders with a little more experience.

Temperatures are rising and good weather is coming back. It’s time to boost your spirit and immune system by spending quality time outdoors and breathing in the fresh air.

Spring is the ideal season to recharge your batteries with nature. The buds appear, the birds make us listen to their wonderful songs and everything is magical.

Nothing is more pleasant than being at the stables, sharing a good time with your horse before and after a ride in the sun in the yard. Stop time during a horseback ride and only live and enjoy the present moment, the one spent on the back of your horse which will allow you to enjoy a unique moment.

We will offer you a refreshment and a treat at the end of your ride, in the stable yard, where you can keep watching your horse quietly chewing some hay or resting, his head out of his stall, so he can also enjoy sunshine!

Bring joy into your daily life and take advantage of this boost of energy to discover horse riding and our beautiful environment at Maisons Laffitte or live a new horseback experience for riders who ride from time to time or regularly.

We are waiting for you at the stables at Maisons Laffitte, the city of horses, where we have horses adapted to everyone and beautiful rides in small friendly groups.

See you soon!