Horse Holidays France regularly organizes trail rides for several days.

This year, in October, we are organizing a trip in Portugal, Golega, which is divided into 2 parts: 3 days of lessons followed by 3 days of trail ride, on magnificent, very well-trained Lusitano horses.

The Lusitanian, born in Portugal, is a horse with a nice character, with beautiful gaits and who learns quickly. It is particularly suitable for working equitation, which is a discipline on its own, an equestrian activity practiced in many countries, in Europe, Asia, North and South America.

It consists of 3 parts: a dressage test, a handling test and a sorting or herding test.

On this program you will have dressage lessons, you will stay in beautiful typical Portuguese farmhouses and during the trail ride you will see magnificent landscapes, from vineyards to beautiful stretches of water and you will spend a night in the cradle of this Portuguese breed, with M.Veiga who is an internationally renowned rider.

An unforgettable week to spend with Horse Holidays France.

Valentine’s day is the day to share with your partner!

This year, a romantic lunch or dinner may not be possible, but you can still surprise your lover by offering the best present:

A romantic ride followed by a glass of champagne.

In a wonderful setting in Maisons Laffitte, the city of horses, located only 20 min from Paris, on the edge of the majestic forest of St Germain, so appreciated by the French kings in the past.

After this romantic 1h ½ ride, you will share a glass of champagne with some delicious chocolates.

If you are experienced, beginner or occasional riders, this activity is for you, and will get you even closer together than you are now.

Ready to please your loved one?

Go to our website:

You can book the discovery, evolution, or explore ride at the date and time of your choice. Use the coupon Valentin23 before February 20th 2023.

After the ride we’ll offer you a romantic basket with a half bottle of champagne, 2 glasses and a box of chocolates. Bring a blanket and find a romantic place in the beautiful park of Maisons Laffitte, on the grass or find a bench, pop the champagne and enjoy this tête-à-tête moment.

Make your reservation today for this beautiful special day!

Located close to Paris, Horse Holidays France offers a wide range of tailor made rides. Maisons Laffitte, the “city of horses”, is only 20 minutes away from Paris on the RER A metro or by regular train from St Lazare station. From the station, a 15 minute picturesque walk through Maisons Laffitte’s stunning park will get you to the stables.

The park borders the immense forest of St Germain, with 80kms of trail riding paths! This area once belonged to historical personalities such as the king Louis the XIVth, the emperor Napoleon, the musketeer D’Artagnan…

Revive the past while riding on these paths and learn about history from the back of your faithful steed.

Unique trail rides blended in history

The four values of Horse Holidays France are: authenticity, benevolence, sportive mind and luxury.

Enjoy a unique trail ride conceived just for you. At Horse Holidays France, our aim is a seamless service, offering rides in small groups. This allows us to be attentive to your needs and provide individual advice.

At the confirmed level, we offer rides with 7 people max. For beginners, we narrow the group to 4 people to ensure a good experience for everyone.

This is not only an equestrian experience for beginners but a touristic exploration. Conducted by a bilingual guide-instructor, come visit and experience our territory from another perspective.

A passionate bilingual team to fulfill your wishes

Enjoy a unique moment with your bilingual guide-instructor team. At Horse Holidays France, we are attentive to each rider and want you to feel comfortable.

We are able to share our passion with you in the following languages: english, french and scandinavian languages (swedish, danish, norwegian). We are also able to organize a guide in Italian, Spanish, Japanese and chinese to create a perfect tour for you.

Come visit Maisons Laffitte at the pace of the horse  

Do you know the concept of slow tourism? It consists of taking your time. Have a break and uplift yourself from your everyday life. Get connected to nature, admire the beautiful landscapes at your own rhythm and the pace of your horse.

At Horse Holidays, we love that way to travel and we would like to invite you into our magical world. Come as you are, we provide all the equipment you need.

Book your ride, trek or individual class directly from our website! 

Your friend is getting married, throw her an unforgettable bash that everyone will be talking about!

You have different options:

– Dressing the bachelorette in a baby costume including diapers and pacifiers.…

– Inviting the Chippendales and drink mojitos all night…

– Finding a meditative retreat in the middle of nowhere…maybe not the best.

Bachelorette party in France on a horse

Get creative and treat the bride with a unique horse ride for all!

Horse Holidays France, located close to Paris, in Maisons Laffitte, will host you year round.

Whether you are novice or experienced riders, or just in love with nature and animals, this adventure is for you!

In a small group with kind horses, you will ride together, talk and laugh in the beautiful setting of Maisons Laffitte.

You will be able to groom, tack and connect with your horse before the ride.

After a great ride, continue having a good time and share an aperitif in our clubhouse above the stalls.

Think of the magic pictures with you and your horse’s mane blowing in the wind!

This experience will be unique and a memory you will keep forever.

See stars in the eyes of the bride to be before she joins her prince charming forever, and maybe the couple will decide to get married on a horse!

evjf à cheval

Votre amie se marie ? Que d’émotions à venir et à partager. C’est l’occasion de trouver la parfaite idée pour célébrer entre copines ce nouveau départ dans la vie. Ce moment de son existence est unique, sachez trouver un unique thème pour le célébrer ! Un enterrement de vie de jeune fille à cheval dans […]

Horse Holidays France – une équipe bilingue à votre service ! 

Situé tout près de Paris, le centre de tourisme équestre Horse Holidays France vous propose des balades à cheval sur mesure. En effet, facile d’accès en transport, notre centre équestre est accessible avec la ligne RER A (20 minutes à partir du centre de Paris) ou par le transilien (départ gare Saint Lazare, Paris). Marchez ensuite 15 minutes dans Maisons-Laffitte, la Cité du cheval, à travers son magnifique parc. Le saviez-vous ? En lisière du parc de Maisons-Laffitte se trouve la forêt de Saint-Germain-en-Laye avec plus de 80 km de pistes cavalières. Ce lieu historique est également unique de par la visite de personnalités qui ont marqué l’histoire : Louis XIV, Napoléon, D’Artagnan. Venez chevaucher sur les traces  de ces hommes historiques et découvrez l’histoire de France du dos de votre fidèle destrier. 

Des promenades uniques mêlées d’histoire

Les 4 valeurs d’Horse Holidays France : authenticité, bienveillance, esprit sportif et prestations haut de gamme. Profitez d’une promenade équestre unique et sur mesure. Chez Horse Holidays France, nous sommes au service de notre clientèle et proposons des balades à cheval en petit groupe. Cette limite de place nous permet d’être proche de chacun de vous et vous donner de précieux conseils pour monter à cheval. En niveau confirmé, nous proposons des balades pour des groupes de maximum 7 personnes. Pour les débutants, nous limitons à 4 personnes pour vous accompagner au mieux durant cette promenade à cheval. En plus d’être une véritable découverte de l’équitation pour les débutants, Horse Holidays France, c’est aussi une découverte touristique. Accompagné de guides-moniteurs bilingues, visitez et découvrez notre territoire d’une autre façon ! 

Une équipe bilingue à votre service

Passez un moment unique avec une équipe de guide moniteur bilingue. Chez Horse Holidays, nous veillons à ce que chaque cavalier soit bien accueilli et se sente bien. Pour communiquer avec vous, nous parlons plusieurs langues : anglais, français et les langues scandinaves (suédois, danois, norvégien),. En fonction des guides moniteurs, nous pouvons alors vous livrer un service unique pour magnifier votre séjour sur Paris ; espagnol, italien, japonais, chinois, etc….  

Visitez Maison-Laffitte au pas du cheval

Connaissez-vous le concept du « Slow Tourism » ? Il s’agit de prendre son temps. Faite une pause et coupez-vous de votre rythme de vie quotidienne ! Du dos de votre équidé, connectez-vous à la nature, contemplez les paysages à votre rythme grâce à cette itinérance douce. Chez Horse Holidays, nous prônons cette nouvelle forme de voyage et vous invitons dans notre univers ! Venez comme vous êtes. Nous vous fournissons tout l’équipement nécessaire. 

Réservez votre balade, randonnée ou cours particulier directement en ligne sur notre site internet !

Randonnée équestre de Maisons Laffitte à Saint-Germain-en-Laye

Venez participer à une journée entière de randonnée équestre de Maisons Laffitte à Saint-Germain-en-Laye. Nous partirons de Maisons Laffitte, traverserons la forêt pour déjeuner sur les terrasses du château de St Germain en Laye.

 Le retour se fera en fin d’après-midi où vous attendra un apéritif bien mérité, sur les bords de l’hippodrome.

Nous attendons une centaine de cavaliers venus des 4 coins de Yvelines pour cet évènement inédit et festif.

Programme de la randonnée équestre

Dimanche matin nous vous donnons rendez-vous à Maisons Laffitte à 8h30 aux écuries, 11 avenue Crébillon autour d’un petit déjeuner.

Nous partirons ensuite à cheval vers 9:15, en direction de la forêt de Saint-Germain.

 A l’orée du bois vous découvrirez le château de Val, ancien rendez-vous de chasse fréquenté par François 1er, Henri II, Louis XIV et Louis XV.  Vous  aurez ensuite  le privilège d’entrer dans les jardins du château de Saint-Germain-en-Laye à dos de cheval et apprécier la vue imprenable sur Paris et la magie de ce lieu exceptionnel.

Pour le déjeuner, nous nous arrêterons sur les terrasses royales du château (avec une magnifique vue sur Paris) entre midi et 14h, notre équipe d’assistance vous servira un délicieux buffet, préparé par notre traiteur local. De grandes tables seront dressées pour accueillir tout le monde et vous pourrez vous assoir et vous reposer autour d’un bon verre de vin.

Ce sera l’occasion de parler “cheval” et de rencontrer les autres cavaliers participant à cette aventure.

L’après-midi nous reprendrons notre chevauchée sur les pistes cavalières. Votre guide passionnée saura vous faire partager ses connaissances et vous apprendra de nombreuses anecdotes sur le domaine. Une véritable visite guidée qui permet d ‘allier découverte du patrimoine et pratique du cheval !

A notre retour aux alentour de 17h30, après s’être occupé des chevaux,  nous aurons le plaisir de partager avec vous un apéritif sur le parking de France Galop, sur les bords de l’hippodrome de Maisons Laffitte, à 5 minutes à pied des écuries.

Description et tarifs de la randonnée :

La randonnée équestre de Maisons Laffitte à Saint-Germain-en-Laye que nous organisons comprend : un petit-déjeuner, un déjeuner, un apéritif, l’encadrement et l’organisation de la randonnée, la location d’un cheval équipé.

Tarifs : 

  • Avec l’un de nos chevaux : 150 €
  • Avec votre cheval : 125 €

Date :  Dimanche 11 octobre 2020

Information et inscription :


Come and discover the south of the Yvelines on horseback ! We offer a 2-day trail ride in beautiful regional park “Haute Vallée de Chevreuse”, which will take you through magnificent forests as well as charming small villages.

Program :

Saturday morning we meet you at the stable in Maisons Laffitte at 8am or directly at our departure point (and where we will spend the night), located in Sonchamp at 9:30 to share a breakfast together in order to get to know each other and to introduce you to your horses.

We will then leave on horseback around 10:30 am towards the Pinceloup forest, passing in front of many churches and chapels, mainly built in the 14th and 15th centuries. We will also pass by Rochefort en Yvelines, an ancient Gallic stronghold, where 5 castles succeeded each other between the 11th century and the 20th.

We have dinner, spend the evening and sleep in a comfortable country house, close to the barn and the fields where our horses spend the night.

On Sunday morning we will make a loop to the north in the Haute Vallée de Chevreuse natural park which will lead us to the Rambouillet forest where we will follow the tower pond, being one of the 13 ponds created to supply the related water needs. to the entertainment of the king and the high nobility at Versailles, which was a marshy region where no major rivers flowed.

Description and prices of the ride :

With one of our horses including transportation : 495 €
With your horse that you transport yourself : 325 €

The price includes :

Accommodation in a gîte (French country house), 2 breakfast, 2 lunches, 1 dinner, supervision and organization, rental of an equipped horse, transportation of the horse from Maisons-Laffitte to Sonchamp and back again.

Date : Weekend of September 12 – 13, 2020

Information and registration :


The French governement has decided that all institutions and companies except food stores and pharmacies must be closed until April 15th, 2020. This rule covers all sports facilities such as riding schools.

Horse Holidays France is closed to public from March 14th at midnight unil April 15th included.

If you have booked a trail ride or other equestrian activity before April 15th, please do contact us to move it to a later date or, if this is not possible, to cancel your ride.

Dear riders and friends, take care of yourself and your loved ones! We look forward to seeing you again as soon as this health crisis is over!



Treat the woman or the man of your life with a romantic stroll on horseback. You will be accompanied by an equestrian guide who will leave you some moments of intimacy but who will also make you discover the wonderful forest of Saint-Germain and intoduce you to the historical and equestrian heritage of Maisons-Laffitte.

Upon returning to the stable we will offer you a glass of champagne accompanied by chocolates. You can offer the gift card for Valentine’s Day and book this ride before Feb 14, 2020 on the date that suits you best before March 31, 2020.

Just book your ride or gift card on line at our homepage: before February 14, 2020 indicating the coupon code « amour2020 » to benefit from our Valentine offer including champagne and chocolate.

Depending on your equestrian level you could choose one of the following rides:

Discovery walk – beginners

Evolution trek – intermediate

Xplore trek – advanced riders

Rate : 170 € for 2 persons

Length : 3 hours, including 1½ hours on horseback.

Price inludes:
  • Horseback ride led by a qualified horse riding guide or instructor.
  • Saddlery and the equipment for the horse.
  • A class of champagne with chocolates.
  • V.A.T.
Not included in the price:
  • The FFE (French Equestrian Federation) licence which is recommended and includes an insurance.
  • Riders equipment. We suggest that you wear a comfortable pair of trousers or jeans, boots or shoes with small heels. Riding helmets are mandatory and available upon request.