Valentine’s day is the day to share with your partner!

This year, what about surprising your lover by offering the best present:

A romantic ride followed by a glass of champagne.

In a wonderful setting in Maisons Laffitte, the city of horses, located only 20 min from Paris, on the edge of the majestic forest of St Germain, so appreciated by the French kings in the past.

After this romantic 1h ½ ride, you will share a glass of champagne with some delicious chocolate. 

If you are experienced, beginner or occasional riders, this activity is for you, and will get you even closer together than you are now.

Ready to please your loved one?

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  • You can book the discovery, evolution, or explore ride at the date and time of your choice. Use the coupon Valentin24 before February 15th 2024.
  • After the ride we’ll offer you a romantic basket with a half bottle of champagne, 2 glasses and a box of chocolate. 

Make your reservation today for this beautiful special day!

You can also come for the horseback ride on another date if you wish, while still benefiting from this offer.

Night falls at 5 p.m., temperatures drop and gray sets in: no doubt, we are entering winter!

Our pace slows down, and at the same time the horses are full of energy, let’s take them to the forest, their favorite playground!

Treat yourself to a horseback ride, a discovery ride for novices in the heart of the Maisons Laffitte park and in the St Germain forest for riders with a little more practice.

A quarter sheet on the back to keep them warm, your horses will be delighted to warm you up to the rhythm of their different gaits.

A quick brush and their preparation will make you forget that it’s cold outside!

As for you, remember to dress warmly to enjoy this great outdoor adventure. Warm pants and a good coat, comfortable shoes and a pair of gloves, we will provide you with a helmet and mini chaps to complete your outfit.

Come and walk our trails during these winter months, you will be invigorated by this good fresh air and recharged by our beautiful nature.

This activity can allow you to spend unforgettable moments, alone, with family (children from 12 years old are welcome) or with friends.

Back and after taking care of our horses, we will offer you a little coffee or tea with chocolate or succulent biscuits in the club house of our beautiful stable, just to warm up, debrief about your experience and give you the photos we took during the ride.

See you soon

What could be more pleasant than discovering the forest of St Germain and its magnificent autumn colors to the rhythm of the horse’s hooves.

The trails transform into a symphony of warm colors, from bright yellow to scarlet red to deep orange.

The Maisons Laffitte park also offers a whole palette of colors and the leaves fly in the wind.

Whether you are a complete novice on horseback, with a few rides behind you, or an experienced rider, we await you at our stables where horses adapted to everyone will be able to give you a superb experience and create memorable memories.

You will take the time to get to know your horse and create a relationship by spending time with him, brushing him, putting the saddle on his back and giving him a few treats before setting foot in the stirrup and heading to the forest.

A trail ride walking  in the green Maisons Laffitte park with the shimmering colors of autumn, some strides of trot for riders with a little experience and small canters for the more advanced in the beautiful forest paths, on which you may come across a curious little deer.

Open your eyes wide, take a breath of fresh air and come listen to the sound of the golden leaves crunching under the hooves of your faithful steeds.

Horse Holidays France will make you love autumn! Join us on horseback !

The castle of Versailles whose origins started in the 17th century, was successfully a hunting lodge, and a place of exercise and power from the 19th century.

Like queens and kings, come and ride in the park of the castle of Versailles.

An unforgettable experience awaits you.

The Horse Holidays team will meet you at the entrance of the park.

The horses will be saddled at their arrival and ready to start your royal ride which will take you to the footsteps of Marie Antoinette and the kings of France and will give you another view of the castle near the Grand Canal and the Trianon palace.

We will definitely take pictures of you in these prestigious places so that you can keep a wonderful memory to share!

At the end of this beautiful ride, we will invite you to taste a good french meal next to our horses we will have been taking good care of, grooming and removing their saddle and giving them hay.

Come in comfortable pants and boots, we will supply helmets and mini chaps to protect your lower legs.

After this great experience, you can, if you wish, visit the castle, the former stables of the academy of Versailles which offers regular shows, or just have a walk in the park.

If you come with non-riders friends, they can be taken on a Segway ride, we will take care of the organization.

Everything is possible with Horse Holidays France, we will be able to  organize a tailor made program for you! Do not hesitate to tell us your expectations and wishes and we will fulfill them!

Your friend is getting married, throw her an unforgettable bash that everyone will be talking about!

You have different options:

– Dressing the bachelorette in a baby costume including diapers and pacifiers.…

– Inviting the Chippendales and drink mojitos all night…

– Finding a meditative retreat in the middle of nowhere…maybe not the best.

Bachelorette party in France on a horse

Get creative and treat the bride with a unique horse ride for all!

Horse Holidays France, located close to Paris, in Maisons Laffitte, will host you year round.

Whether you are novice or experienced riders, or just in love with nature and animals, this adventure is for you!

In a small group with kind horses, you will ride together, talk and laugh in the beautiful setting of Maisons Laffitte.

You will be able to groom, tack and connect with your horse before the ride.

After a great ride, continue having a good time and share an aperitif in our clubhouse above the stalls.

Think of the magic pictures with you and your horse’s mane blowing in the wind!

This experience will be unique and a memory you will keep forever.

See stars in the eyes of the bride to be before she joins her prince charming forever, and maybe the couple will decide to get married on a horse!

evjf à cheval

Rendez-vous le 17 octobre dans notre centre équestre

Le 17 octobre chez Horse Holidays France aura lieu une grande chevauchée grandeur nature. Avec une promenade d’une journée entière, optez pour cette chevauchée avec pause déjeuner sur les terrasses du château de Saint-Germain-en-Laye.

Pour les niveaux Confirmé et Expérimenté, venez vous défouler et vous amuser lors de cette chevauchée grandeur nature pour adulte. Lors de cette balade équestre qu’une journée, vous pourrez ainsi vous détendre, admirer de magnifiques paysages et passer de bons moments avec d’autres cavaliers expérimentés.

Découvrez notre interview sur France 3 !

Comment se déroule une chevauchée grandeur nature ?

Nous vous donnons rendez-vous aux écuries de Horse Holidays France à Maisons Laffitte. Nous y prendrons un petit déjeuner et commencerons à préparer les chevaux. Ensuite, nous chevaucherons jusqu’à la belle forêt de Saint-Germain. Vous pourrez ainsi y admirer le château de Val et les jardins du château de Saint-Germain-en-Laye. Parcourez ainsi à dos de cheval ces beaux jardins et apprécier la vue imprenable sur Paris. Vers midi, pour le déjeuner notre équipe d’assistance auront le plaisir vous proposer un délicieux pique-nique champêtre. Après vous êtes bien régalé, l’après-midi, nous reprendrons la promenade avec votre destrier sur les pistes cavalières en passant par la Mare aux Canes.

Pratique du cheval, découverte de l’histoire, visite guidée, passez de merveilleux moments lors de cette chevauchée grandeur nature. Inscrivez-vous juste ici !


We invite you to a surprising trip on horseback in beautiful and unexpected landscapes; immense forests, vast plains and magnificent castles surrounded by their royal estates. During this trail ride you will have the privilege to discover three beautiful castles and their parks on horseback: Saint-Germain-en-Laye, Versailles and Maisons-Laffitte.