cheval en hiver

Night falls at 5 p.m., temperatures drop and gray sets in: no doubt, we are entering winter!

Our pace slows down, and at the same time the horses are full of energy, let’s take them to the forest, their favorite playground!

Treat yourself to a horseback ride, a discovery ride for novices in the heart of the Maisons Laffitte park and in the St Germain forest for riders with a little more practice.

A quarter sheet on the back to keep them warm, your horses will be delighted to warm you up to the rhythm of their different gaits.

A quick brush and their preparation will make you forget that it’s cold outside!

As for you, remember to dress warmly to enjoy this great outdoor adventure. Warm pants and a good coat, comfortable shoes and a pair of gloves, we will provide you with a helmet and mini chaps to complete your outfit.

Come and walk our trails during these winter months, you will be invigorated by this good fresh air and recharged by our beautiful nature.

This activity can allow you to spend unforgettable moments, alone, with family (children from 12 years old are welcome) or with friends.

Back and after taking care of our horses, we will offer you a little coffee or tea with chocolate or succulent biscuits in the club house of our beautiful stable, just to warm up, debrief about your experience and give you the photos we took during the ride.

See you soon