horseback ride

Are you looking for an activity to do and share with your partner, your friends, your family, or just for you? Come and share a unique moment: a horseback ride.

We welcome everyone from 11 years old.

Over refreshments, we will discuss your desires, your emotions and we will explain to you how the session will go.

Maisons Laffitte is full of culture and equestrian history, it’s not the City of Horses for nothing!d

Whether you are already a rider, or a complete novice, you are welcome.

Take advantage of this break from your daily life to slow down and immerse yourself in a bubble of serenity in a unique green setting on the outskirts of Paris.

We’ll accompany you through  the Maisons Laffitte park and the Saint Germain forest.

It’s time to enjoy the beauty of dense vegetation, the smell of the forest, the peaceful nature. You can’t even imagine that the  capital city is so close! It feels like being in a cute village in the province. Breath in the fresh air with the sweet scent of seasonal flowers.

Our horses will help you discover the magnificent bridle paths where you will be surrounded by many other riders on their horses, some of them going to training on their thoroughbreds, others on their way to their jumping lessons on the arenas along the racing track of Maisons Laffitte, or even children proudly riding their Shetland pony, accompanied by their walking coach!

We have a wide range of mounts who will delight you!

Time will stop as if by magic during the 3 hours we spend together, talking about horse’s lives, their behaviors and habits, brushing them and taking care of them, letting yourself be carried away by your elegant animal.

You will fully enjoy your vacation and head back home with lots of beautiful memories in your head, in addition to the photos that our guide will give you before leaving!

See you soon,