automne à cheval

What could be more pleasant than discovering the forest of St Germain and its magnificent autumn colors to the rhythm of the horse’s hooves.

The trails transform into a symphony of warm colors, from bright yellow to scarlet red to deep orange.

The Maisons Laffitte park also offers a whole palette of colors and the leaves fly in the wind.

Whether you are a complete novice on horseback, with a few rides behind you, or an experienced rider, we await you at our stables where horses adapted to everyone will be able to give you a superb experience and create memorable memories.

You will take the time to get to know your horse and create a relationship by spending time with him, brushing him, putting the saddle on his back and giving him a few treats before setting foot in the stirrup and heading to the forest.

A trail ride walking  in the green Maisons Laffitte park with the shimmering colors of autumn, some strides of trot for riders with a little experience and small canters for the more advanced in the beautiful forest paths, on which you may come across a curious little deer.

Open your eyes wide, take a breath of fresh air and come listen to the sound of the golden leaves crunching under the hooves of your faithful steeds.

Horse Holidays France will make you love autumn! Join us on horseback !