slow tourisme

What is Slow Tourism?

What is Slow Tourism? A trend, a fashion, a new tourism movement? The answers to this question are not as important as the essence of this new concept that emerged a few years ago. Slow Tourism is above all a philosophy of life that marks our era in depth.

Slow tourism is a form of sustainable travel at a relaxing pace, characterized by the respect of nature and emphasizing local experiences and connections to people. The goal of slow tourism is to take the time to enjoy the cities and landscapes we visit. Travelers take slower trips, stay longer in a town or village, and give more importance to meeting the locals. It is a new way of traveling, a slower and more environmentally friendly way of life.

Slow tourism with Horse Holidays

Riding with Horse Holidays France, you will:

  • Refocus on the essentials
  • Learn to relax and fight against stress
  • Reconnect with your feelings
  • Clear your head
  • Live in the moment and forget your to do lists

The idea is simple: let yourself go and enjoy holidays or free time without strict planning and without necessarily going to the other side of the world. 

Take this opportunity to recharge your batteries. 

With Horse Holidays France, you will discover local experiences, following the footsteps of french kings, in the St Germain forest and in the parc of Maisons Laffitte. 

You will meet professional riders training race horses, maybe observe a young deer in the woods or watch a pheasant fly out from under a bush during your ride, all while smelling the delicious odor of the season’s flowers and vegetation. 

A healing experience within the peaceful haven of the region while limiting your ecological impact, at the serene rhythm of the horses’ walk. 

Located only 20 minutes from the center of Paris by RER, come restore yourself in our stables. Ride a horse with Horse Holidays France and their well cared for horses will help you unwind from your day to day life and slow down your rhythm naturally.

A gentle mobility experience that will bring you into a bubble of serenity and calm.