Horse coaching

Horse coaching is a practice that does not require any equestrian practice.

It is a methodology, to be a better coach, manager, by the use of the horse.

We therefore find ourselves in a human-horse relationship, an original approach to revealing the best of your human resources.

The horse has a very developed sensitivity, it is the mirror of our attitude. Working with him, without riding, in an arena, allows you to become aware of your own emotions, your ability to adapt and empathy, around respect.

Horse coaching makes it possible to share the emotions felt, to understand each other better, to communicate differently, to manage stress. It improves self-confidence, enables better communication, increases leadership and helps in making good decisions.

It develops team cohesion and allows everyone to find their place.

He builds a climate based on mutual trust and respect.

This training is aimed at individuals, companies, coaches and therapists. It can be practiced individually or in a small group of 6 to 8 people.

A unique experience within a competent team, do not hesitate to contact Horses Holidays France for more information.