Promenade cheval au printemps à Paris

Here at Horse Holidays France we offer horseback riding all year round.

The park of Maisons Laffitte and the forest of St Germain en Laye in which we ride are always magnificent and different, the atmosphere, the smells, the colors…

Nevertheless spring remains a fantastic season, where everything is rebuilt, the forest changes, the buds, the leaves and flowers appear, the birds sing.

On horseback, it’s just magic!

The paths we take no longer seem the same!

You may even have the opportunity to see a young deer with its mother at a bend in the path…


Come to the stables of Horse Holidays France, prepare and spend time with your horse under the sun

And take a ride in the colors of spring, have a refreshment with us in the courtyard, facing the stalls of our horses under the mild temperatures of this beautiful season.

See you soon, for a discovery walk or a more sporty ride, if you are already a rider.

Only 20 min away from Paris Etoile, enter a different world!