Horse Holidays France organizes from spring and during the summer evening rides followed by a small friendly aperitif back at the stables.

The opportunity to come and ride a horse after a day of work and to relax.

In the evening, we are more likely to encounter a curious little deer in the forest or to send a pheasant flying in front of us on a small path.

When the temperatures rise, it is also much more pleasant to go horseback riding in the evening than in the middle of the day, to enjoy the calm and the freshness.

Returning to the stables and after taking care of our mount, with the added bonus of a small shower of their legs and the whole body if the weather permits, we meet in the yard around the table for a small aperitif dinner.

A good time all together where we can talk about our passion!

2 rides are available: the evolution ride for intermediate riders and the exploration ride for experienced riders.

Come and ride with Horse Holidays France for a great experience!